Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just In Time {Reno, NV Wedding and Event Clean-up}

The day is over, dreams have come true, now let Just In time bring your event to an end by cleaning and preparing the venue so you don't have to. Their team comes in while the party is on it's last dance. They pack up your personal items, tear down table and chairs, sort other venders' belongings, and will bag up the tuxes which they can return for you the next day--all to guarantee your venue deposit. So when you need to leave worries behind, call them and they'll be there "Just In Time."

Kathleen of Just In Time has always had a talent for organizing and cleaning since she was 10 years old; she has been told that her head stone will be in the shape of a vacuum. Cleaning to her is an art form, as well as a gift to the community. Her degree is in business, and after years in law office management, she decided to put this gift to work. As in anything, it started small with 4 clients of which she still has. By trial and error she put together her bag of magic, which holds some
awesome products and a system that allows her to whirl through any job.
As you follow her Blog called “ Psychology of Cleaning” you will find the secret of cleaning and how it has become a tool to teach many, not just cleaning, but how organizing your life which in turn will allow you to become all that you can be.

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