Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Stylish Scribe (Reno, NV Wedding Invitations)

Creating custom invitations and cards was never a career path Jessica Nicely had envisioned for herself. Rather, it was happily stumble upon after she designed her own invitations for her June 2009 wedding. Frustrated that she could not find a mass-produced design that would capture both their personalities and the exotic Mexican destination, she came up with her own custom look that was carried through save-the-date cards, invitations, menus, and even a welcome brochure for their guest. 

The results were so professional that many of her guest did not realized that she had made them herself.  

After revealing her hidden talent for design, her family and friends encourage her to offer her services to the public. Soon after returning from her honeymoon, she posted several of her invitations on, where she quickly attracted clients from around the world. The response gave her the encouragement she need to start her own business, and as she neared the completion of her M.B.A the timing was right. The Stylish Scribe was established from Jessica's own living room in January 2009.  

As a Stylish Scribe Jessica provides a custom design experience at a cost that makes her work accessibly to anyone. 

The process can be a simple as selecting a design from one of her collections, or a consultation can be set up to create an invitation that is truly one of a kind. 

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