Wednesday, August 31, 2011

High School Senior Portraits, Reno NV {Reno, NV Senior Photography}

This session was such a joy for me! Having grown up on a ranch, have a horse trainer for a dad and brother and also being married to a horse trainer, naturally I love horses. I was totally in my element. This session was another reason why I have a hard time sometimes calling what I do work. It was so refreshing to have so many things in common with Kaylee. She is a gorgeous girl and it great getting to know her better. Thanks go out to her for letting me be a part of last year as a high school student, her mom and her grandparents for coming and helping. You are all wonderful!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Maternity Portraits, Reno NV { Reno, NV Maternity Photography}

I can't say enough about how fun this session was! Everyone involved was so easy to work with and they made the session their own. I love it when clients come with ideas and bring their own props because it makes it more personal. This couple brought their tattoo gun. Joe is a tattoo artist (Absolute Tattoo) so they thought it would be fun to pretend to tattoo the baby's name on Hanna's belly. I thought it TOTALLY original. I loved the idea and it fit them to a T. I was so glad to get to know this couple as well as Hanna's sister. They were all amazing and can't thank them enough for letting me a part of this baby. I can't wait to meet him and do his newborn portraits:)

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Loved that they were willing to create some good laughs!
Thought this idea of holding an ultra-sound picture of baby Vaylen was so cute!
Two gorgeous girls!!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chism House, Reno Nevada {Reno, NV Wedding Photography}

Another successful and beautiful wedding at The Chism House. This couple was very much in love and it poured into the lens of the camera. The details were gorgeous and added to the vintage look of the house. The colors stuck out and gave the perfect feel of summer. We had a lot of fun shooting this wedding and we are so glad they chose Zinser Photography for their special day. Thanks again, Vasquez couple!

Other great vendors that were there:
Tux - The Chism House
Flowers - Candle Light and Roses
Cake / Catering - Grand Sierra Hotel and Resort
Video - Bighorn Productions

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Chism House, Reno Nevada (Reno, NV Wedding Photography)

The Chism House is such a beautiful place to get married at; full of history and a feeling of home. The cool green grass, the glistening pond, and birds singing in the trees totally set the mood for this wedding. With family and friends gathered around to celebrate with Pam and Randy, the night went by way too fast for me. I guess it's true what they so though, "Time flies when your'e having fun." It was great getting to know this couple even more and I was glad I got to be a part of it. Thanks again, you two, for allowing me to celebrate with you!
Some other great vendors:
Simply Cakes
Candle Light & Roses
Swoon Bridal Salon
McClain's Mobile Music and DJ Service
Fig Tree Catering

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North Tahoe Events Center {Tahoe Wedding Photography}

Beach weddings are so fun! The blue sky, clear blue water and sand make all the beautiful colors stand out.  Colors were popping out everywhere. This couple was so cute together. You could see how nervous both of them were. It made the ceremony more meaningful. We were drawn into their emotions and felt the love they had for each other.
The ceremony and reception were held a the North Tahoe Events Center. It was a quaint little place on the shore at King's Beach. Before the ceremony even started, it was as if we had the whole beach front to ourselves. It was amazing!
 Brian Wilson of The DJ Mobile Entertainment was an incredible DJ! With as many weddings as I've been to, I don't think I've seen a DJ keep people on the dance floor all night. He was incredibly entertaining and had a plethora of different music to match any taste.
The caterer was Kim McConnell of Fig Tree Catering. I can't say enough good things about her food! Mouthwatering, delicious, tasty, flavorful, addicting......should I go on? Would recommend her to anyone.
Thanks again for choosing us as your photographers. We had a lot of fun!

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This made everyone laugh:)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Windmill Museum - Lubbock, TX {Lubbock, TX Wedding Photography}

Here is another session from my trip to TX/NM.  Brittni is a such a beautiful bride! I got to take her engagement portraits and am also doing their wedding in November. They wanted to use the Windmill Museum as their venue for their wedding but it happened to be booked already. Instead, they are having it at the beautiful Legacy Center. Since she couldn't get married at the museum she decided to do her bridal portraits there instead. I love all the different colors and different types of windmills. Coming from an agricultural family it was very intriguing to see all of them. Thanks again, Brittni. You are absolutely gorgeous!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Casa Del Sol-Crosbyton, TX Wedding {West Texas Wedding Photography}

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This was a wedding I did while I was in Texas/New Mexico. I loved everything about this wedding!!! I had the privilege of doing this couples engagement portraits and they had the same feel as at the wedding. They both dressed up as Louis and Clark. Jake has had an obsession with Superman since he was a little boy and I love that Lacey has gotten on board with him. There was Superman paraphernalia  everywhere; Superman cuff links, Superman garter, Superman cake..... It was amazing! These two really know how to make a wedding fun and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it. Thanks again guys for making my trip one to remember:)

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