Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Windmill Museum - Lubbock, TX {Lubbock, TX Wedding Photography}

Here is another session from my trip to TX/NM.  Brittni is a such a beautiful bride! I got to take her engagement portraits and am also doing their wedding in November. They wanted to use the Windmill Museum as their venue for their wedding but it happened to be booked already. Instead, they are having it at the beautiful Legacy Center. Since she couldn't get married at the museum she decided to do her bridal portraits there instead. I love all the different colors and different types of windmills. Coming from an agricultural family it was very intriguing to see all of them. Thanks again, Brittni. You are absolutely gorgeous!

Leave a comment and get her a FREE 11x14. She needs 20. Which one is your favorite?!


Anonymous said...

Thr pics look amazing chick im so happy for you and cant wait for the wedding!

Mom said...

I love the corner black/white photo (6 pic) your beautiful and I love you very

Jerry E. said...

You've always been #1 in our of course I choose picture #1. Your mom and I love you very much.