Friday, November 4, 2011

Redhawk Golf Course, Reno NV {Reno, NV Family Photography}

The boys were such troopers for this portrait session! It was quite chilly and they did awesome. I learned that they were huge fans of Mario so I of course had to let them listen to my Mario remix ringtone. They loved it and it worked great in getting them to smile despite the chilly-ness. They are such a gorgeous family and it was fun getting to know them. They are originally from Michigan but have been in Reno for the past few years due to Randy's job. They saw the pictures that I took at the Redhawk Golf Course and loved them so we decided to do them there and get a little bit of fall setting. They looked great and I absolutely love the colors! 
Thanks again for sticking through the cold and letting me capture some beautiful shots of your family. I had a blast!

Leave a comment and get them a FREE 11x14. They need 20. Which one is your favorite? 

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