Thursday, September 8, 2011

Zinser Photography Portraiture {Reno, NV Child Photography}

I don't think these yahoos can get any cuter! The Carruths came in for Ryder's one year portraits and we decided to just do all the kids. It was so fun getting them to laugh. They all have such great and unique laughs. There's nothing more contagious than a child's laugh. Ryder was having the time of his life trying to roll around in the backdrop. Apparently, one of his favorite things to do is roll around in the bed sheets at home. We of course had to let him do his favorite thing so we let him go to town on some blankets and he had the time of his life playing peek-a-boo. Being a mother myself, it's always a joy to make children smile. It makes me feel accomplished in a day:)
Thanks again for letting me be a part of Ryder's special day and for sharing your children with me!

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