Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Stylish Scribe {Reno, NV Invitations}

Looking back on my wedding, the thing that I remember being the biggest hassle and biggest head ache was the invitations. It was horrible picking out the pictures to go on them, designing them, and last but not least, addressing the envelopes. 
The Stylish Scribe creates some of the most amazing invitations that I've ever seen! Born from her own living room after creating the most professional looking destination wedding invitations for her own wedding, Jessica has flourished ever since. Not knowing that her invitations were handmade by her self, her guests started asking around to know who made them. Encouraged by family and friends to embrace her new talents, Jessica started The Stylish Scribe in 2009. 
She specializes in boarding pass and passport invitations and gathers clients from all locations around the world. However, she can create and customize any type of invitation, birth announcement, party invite, you name it. Not only are her invitations amazing, she as a person is incredible to work with. She will help you with picking out the best invitations to match your budget and she will bend over backwards to make sure your invitations are top notch. She can take the stress out of any wedding by making sure your guests get the best invites possible!

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