Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Photography {Reno, NV Baby Photography}

This little man was a trooper! He was so funny. He couldn't hold still in one spot the whole time. He is the first baby I've ever photographed that hasn't pee'd on everything too! He did great and I was privileged to have got to photograph him. Even photographed his parent's wedding and Kirek's newborns but I was lucky to do the second session:) I couldn't get enough of his chubby cheeks. I just wanted to squeeze him! What a cutie! Look out girls.....he'll be dating age before you know it!
Thanks guys for such a fun morning.

Leave a comment and get his parents a FREE 11x14. He needs 20. Tell me which one your favorite is.
This was a very cool angle. His daddy wanted me to get this shot because it's how he sees Kirek every day.

Newborn Photography {Reno, NV Newborn Photography}

This little girl was a perfect angel! I've never seen a baby who fusses so little during a portrait session. She was so well mannered. She made want a little girl so bad....seeing her in her little headband and ADORABLE fluffy skirt! I couldn't ask for a better subject to photograph.
Her mommy and daddy are first time parents and they were so sweet with her. You could tell that they fill their home with love for this sweet little girl.
Thanks again for letting me photograph your precious gift. It was truly an honor!

Give Marlee a comment and get her parents a FREE 11x14. She needs 20. Tell me which one your favorite is.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tannenbaum, Reno Nevada {Reno, NV Wedding Photography}

In looking at these pictures, you can see what this couple was after at their wedding..... elegant AND fun. That is just what was accomplished. They had a certain level of elegance and class as well as having a good time. 
It was located at the Tannenbaum up Mt. Rose Canyon in Reno. It is a gorgeous location. Its like modern fashion designer meets lumber jack. Being towards the top of the canyon gives it a sense of privacy and the view is breathtaking. You can't go wrong with this location! 
Thanks, you two, for picking us as your photographers. It was amazing!

Hyatt-Tahoe {Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography}

This wedding was one full of emotion. It was amazing to see the look on the faces of the bride and groom when they saw each other for the first time as she was coming down the aisle. You were sucked into the joy and love that emulated from their faces. You couldn't help but cry along with them.
It was located at the Hyatt in Lake Tahoe so of course it was beautiful! With the beach, sand, and flip-flops it added to the feel of romance. The bride was absolutely stunning and the groom couldn't take his eyes off of her. True love was witnessed at this wedding.
Thanks for letting us be a part of this most memorable day!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

D'Andrea Golf Club {Reno NV Wedding Photography}

When you look up love in the dictionary there is a picture of these two. They were so infatuated with each other you couldn't help but stare. You can see how selfless they are and how much they give their all to each other. It was so sweet to see. If the world had more couples like the Zuniga's, it would be a lot better place!
Their wedding was so much fun to photograph. Instead of your typical music playing as they walked down the aisle as husband and wife, they had up-beat music that everyone in the bridal party danced to. It was great! I also liked the simplicity of it. It was so laid back and you could tell how much everyone enjoyed being there.
The ceremony and reception were both held at D'andrea Golf Club. Gorgeous!
Thanks, you two, for allowing us to be a part of your wonderful day!
I love this "first look"!

You can always see so much emotion on the faces of grooms' mothers.
These were such original favors. They were used by the guests as fans and shades from the sun.

I love this! He wanted to get in on the fun action so he laid down as well:)
 These cupcakes were AMAZING!
 And I love the they had a teeny weeny cake. So cute!
 They also had a mashed potato bar.
This was spectacular to watch. They had surprise guests who did a fire dance.